For our Deep Cleaning Process we send two professionals for better accountability and speed.

(Routine cleanings also includes: stripping and making beds)

In the whole house:

  1. Dust ceiling fans and high areas
  2. Dust blinds and window sills
  3. Dust shelves, picture frames, desks, dresser cabinets, furniture, etc.
  4. Vacuum drapes and lamp shades
  5. Vacuum baseboards
  6. Vacuum hard floors from corner to corner, under bed and furniture
  7. Vacuum all carpets of any pile or amount of dirt and hair (no feces or urine)
  8. Vacuum pet hair from couch and chairs
  9. Vacuum pet beds
  10. Vacuum inside closets and laundry room (where accessible)

In the bathrooms:

  1. Vacuum all hair and debris from top to bottom, corner to corner
  2. Soak shower glass with formula to remove soap scum and water spots
  3. Scrub shower walls and tub with surface specific cleaner (yes, even shale)
  4. Remove rust, scale, mold, mineral deposits, paint, hairspray, etc. from every surface
  5. Clean inlets and behind toilet and remove ring inside bowl (white toilets)
  6. Clean mirrors and glass from top to bottom leaving streak and haze free
  7. Treat damp surfaces to prevent future mold buildup
  8. Mop floor leaving dry and streak free

In the kitchen:

  1. Soak stove top with formula to remove burnt on food
  2. Clean microwave inside and out
  3. Scrub kitchen sink with proper treatment for porcelain or stainless steel
  4. Finish stove top with professional results
  5. Polish stainless steel surfaces, no streaks or haze and definitely no scratches!
  6. Polish counter tops with surface specific cleaners (yes, even marble)

Finally, floors:

  1. Genuine wood floors mopped streak free with Bono floor cleaner and micro mop
  2. Tile floors cleaned per client’s preference, or trust our experience to decide
  3. We have several options for all floor types and soil levels, including steam mopping
  4. Carpets visibly vacuumed (lines) out the door with no footprints
  5. Dry carpet cleaning can be done same day as house cleaning with advance notice
  6. Intensive tile scrubbing can be done on same day with advance scheduling

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